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Carolina Retail Packaging stocks a wide variety of store use ribbons for retail stores which are available in multiple colors and can be used to make hand tied pom bows and shoestring bows or your own creative bows. We have in stock for immediate shipment, sheer ribbon, wired ribbon, splendorette poly, tulle, jute cord, wraphia, paper ribbon and numerous ribbon patterns. Call customer service to inquire about custom printed ribbon.

Bella Terra Eco Paper Ribbon
Bella Terra ribbon is a paper ribbon that has a wood grain like embossing that enhances the natural feel of the ribbon. Just because it is ...(more)

Brushed Metallic Ribbon

Burlap Wired Ribbon
Like other types of wired ribbons, burlap wired ribbons are easy to tie and allow the bow to be shaped to your specifications. If needed just ...(more)

Chevron Ribbon
Our Chevron ribbon is printed on one of the most popular and highest quality ribbons on the market. This satin-like ribbon is supple, has a ...(more)

Christmas Ribbons
Your customers appreciate your keeping up with design trends. Another way to do so is to accessorize your store use Christmas packaging ...(more)

Colors on Natural Jute Cord
Colors on natural kraft jute cord all have one strand of natural jute woven with another color of jute, like black and natural jute, ivory and ...(more)

Colors on White Bakers Twine
Bakers twine all have one strand of white cotton twine with another strand color of twine inner woven together, like black and white, blue and ...(more)

Curling Ribbon
Splendorette curling ribbon can be made into bows or added to other styles of ribbon. The ribbon is curled by taking a straight edge like scissors ...(more)

Dyna Satin Dots Ribbon
Our dyna satin dots ribbon is collection of popular dot ribbon colors printed on dyna satin ribbon. Dyna satin ribbon is cheaper than double ...(more)

Dyna Satin Ribbon
Dyna Satin is a florist type ribbon with cut edge sides but has a similar supple feel and luster as double face satin ribbon. It is less expensive ...(more)

Floral Satin Prints Ribbon

Gingham Check Ribbon
Our gingham check ribbon has woven edges so as to prevent the sides from fraying. This narrow ribbon is easy to tie and makes a great shoe ...(more)

Greek Key Ribbon
Our Greek Key ribbon is a collection of fashion dyna satin ribbon colors printed with a white Greek key pattern. Dyna satin ribbon is a cut ...(more)

Houndstooth Ribbon
Our black and white houndstooth ribbon is both classic and contemporary. Houndstooth ribbon looks great on white gift and apparell boxes or ...(more)

Jute Ribbon
We stock natural and colored jute ribbon with decorative frayed sides that give creative quality to a tyed bow. Because it is soft and ...(more)

Lightweight Grosgrain Ribbon

Linen Wired Ribbon

Metallic Gold Sheer Wired

Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Metallic Poly Ribbon
Metallic poly ribbons add a festive quality to gift packages due to their metallic sheen. Our silver Dynasty Metalique ribbon has a fine ...(more)

Natural Jute Cord Colors
We stock an extensive selection of natural jute cord colors that are not only eco but also economical.

Pirouette Sheer Ribbon
Pirouette sheer has a sheer body that is trimmed on each side with an elegant satin edge. This ribbon is soft, forgiving and easy to tie a ...(more)

Printed Curling Ribbon
Carolina Retail Packaging stocks several patterns of printed curling ribbon. Tie a pattern on a gift bag or mix it up by adding a pattern to one ...(more)

Ribbon Dispensers & Shredders
Ribbon dispensers hold and dispense ribbon in a compact fixture for ease of use and ribbon storage. Place these on a wrap table in your ...(more)

Sea Maid Satin Lion Ribbon
Sea Maid Satin Lion ribbon is commonly referred to as florist ribbon due to its high demand in florist retail stores. Sea Maid satin ribbon has ...(more)

Sensations Wired Sheer Ribbon
If you're looking for a real value in wired ribbon then look no further than our inexpensive Sensations wired sheer ribbon. This fine sheer ...(more)

Sequin Tulle Ribbon
Most Metallic tulle ribbons do not have enough pop. In fact they are dull. Tulle ribbons with sequins add additional life to the pearlized ...(more)

Sheer Ribbon Colors
We stock over 60 colors of the finest sheer ribbon in the market today. These sheer ribbon colors are available in 1/4 in, 7/8 in and 1-1/2 ...(more)

Sheer Ribbon Patterns
Carolina Retail Packaging stocks sheer ribbon patterns like dots on sheer ribbon.

Sheer Wired Ribbon Colors
Our quality sheer wired ribbon knots easily and because it's wired, it allows for shaping the perfect bow. This is the best quality sheer ...(more)

Splendorette Poly Ribbon
Our splendorette poly ribbon is an inexpensive store use ribbon that can be used to make pom bows and shoestring bows. Combine several colors ...(more)

Stretch Loops and Tinsel Cord
Stretch cords are prefabricated into 3 different loop sizes each tied into a shoe string style bow. Stretch loops are great to wrap around two ...(more)

Tulle Ribbon Colors
We stock a wide variety of 6 inch wide tulle ribbon colors made from the best quality tulle ribbon. Lightweight mesh material makes it easy ...(more)

Wraphia Ribbon Colors
We stock over fifty colors wraphia ribbon in both matte and pearlized that is ready for immediate shipment. Wraphia can be used on gift bags, ...(more)

Zebra Ribbon
Our Zebra print poly ribbon is printed on splendorette ribbon and then embossed to give a feel of quality. This ribbon looks great when ...(more)
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