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Christmas Paper Bag Packaging

Coordinated Christmas packaging programs allow you the option to present a purchased gift from your store in a gift bag or using traditional gift wrapping. It could be that you would you use both for a customer. The important thing here is that when those gifts leave your store it is your "look" for the season and that look is a coordinated one.

Aqua Festive Flakes Bags
Our Aqua Festive Flakes emits a cool, clean winter feel and coordinates very well with white, red and silver ribbons or tissue. This program is ...(more)

Christmas Elegance Packaging

Christmas Moroccan Packaging
Take a look around in the interior design industry and you'll find Moroccan tiles in pillows, curtains, comforters, rugs, etc. Our ...(more)

Circles and Dots Packaging
Our Circles and Dots Christmas Packaging Program is a fun combination of red and emerald Kelly dots balanced with mini red dots on white. If ...(more)

Festive Christmas Plaid Bags
Our Festive Christmas Plaid is traditional with a modern graphic twist. This pattern available in two sizes of shopping bags and plaid tissue paper ...(more)

Harland Shopping Bags

Kraft Christmas Packaging
If you're keeping up with current color trends in the design world, then you'll love our Kraft Christmas Gift Bags. The bags are natural kraft ...(more)

Lime Moroccan Shopping Bags
Our lime Moroccan packaging collection can be used year round by simply changing the accessory ribbon or tissue colors. Our lime Moroccan ...(more)

Silver Christmas Packaging
Our Silver Christmas packaging program is available in gift bags, gift wrap and tissue paper. The simple yet elegant design incorporates ...(more)

Stag Head Packaging