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We stock a variety of bows to apply to store wrapped packages. Butterfly and perfect pom bows are assembled by simply pulling an interior ribbon. Pom bow hanks are made to form by pulling loops from the hank to the center of the bow. Star bows as well as pom bows have an adhesive strip on the back to adhere to the package. Stretch loops stretch to allow for the band to attach to two corners of the box.

Butterfly Pull Bows
Butterfly pull bows are like our famous perfect bows in that the bow comes flat in the box and is made into a bow by pulling the material into its ...(more)

Perfect Pull String Pom Bows
Simply pull the string and make a perfect pom bow! No one can any longer say they can't make a bow. All most say is, "That was easy"! ...(more)

Pom Bow Hanks
Hanks, you say? These pom bows are packed in "hank" form which is pictured to the right of each color. If the bows were made into ...(more)

Star and Confetti Bows
Buy star bows by the case to get the most economical bow in the market. With an adhesive strip on the back of each bow, all you have to do ...(more)

Stretch Loops & Tinsel Cord
Stretch cords are prefabricated into 3 different loop sizes each tied into a shoe string style bow. Stretch loops are great to wrap around two ...(more)